I have a question with a few layers to it.  At some point in time I would like to get an SSD. Right now everything I have is on a 1 TB HDD. I use it primarily for emulation. I'm guessing PCSX2 would run a lot more efficient on an SSD. I just want to confirm what signal paths are going to work and what are not.

As I said, everything is on an HDD. If I got an SSD could I put PCSX2 on it and keep my games on the HDD? Would running the games from HDD make it slow or do games and emulator both need to be on SDD?

Next question is about OS. I run Win10. Would I be able to access the emu on SSD  from HDD, where my win10 is installed? Would the SSD be less efficient running like that? Or do i NEED my entire win10 on SSD? I know putting the OS on SSD will make it run way more efficient, I'm just trying to manage money here. 

Last question- If I do need to put win 10 on the SSD, is there a way here in 2017 that can efficiently transfer accounts? I've read doing a clean install is the best solution but I don't want to shell out another 90 dollars for another Windows key on top of the half grand plus I'd be spending on an SSD. Is there a way to do a clean install and transfer account info to avoid having to pay for another OS key? Or am i going to have two drives with win10 installed?

Input is most appreciated. Best case solutions are welcome too. Thank for your time.

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There really will be little advantage to running PCSX2 on an SSD. Your OS (windows 10) would see a vast improvement running from SSD and that is what should be on it.

Also why would you have to pay for annother key if you install Windows 10 on the SSD the wprst ypu would have to do is call up microsoft if it does not want to do that whole system validation thing (because you added a hard drive.... I don't think even windows 10 is that insane to invalidate over that) and microsoft can revalidate your Windows 10 copy to your new system (just don't count on doing that more then 1 or 2 times in a 6months to 1 year time frame.)

Just in case you have to revalidate the hardware ..... but again I doubt adding and installing on an SSD will trigger it.
Yes,the os will gain a huge improvement if it is on the ssd but may not notice any difference even if you put your PS2 games on the ssd.
The read speed from the HDD is MUCH higher than from the PS2 DVD drive but there is still one problem...timing.
Pcsx2 must first finish what he is doing until it is again time to read some new is also caching data in the ram and sometimes there are some games that make the ps2/pcsx2 to load a lot of data and another disk read is not needed for a while
The HDD speed is plenty fast...I was thinking like you before(placing a ps2 game on the ssd will make it load faster)but rather than trying the ssd,I tried something much faster(ram drive)and I didn't notest any difference
Not just HDD speeds I personally use a 128 GB Flash drive for local storage of my ISO files (well CSO files for most... yea compression) and it has never had an issue with loading times. I even tested an SD card one time and it worked fine as well. I am guessing there is a lower speed threshold that will not work for PS2 games, but I currently don't know what would fall below it.
As long as you have low latency and you can do ~10mb/sec on the device, it should be alright. So yeah a flash drive is even an option. Of course the faster the better as the emulation does pause while it reads that part of the game.
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Makes sense
my SD card was ~35-40mb/sec and my USB drive is not the fastest read speed but reasonably fast at ~90mb/sec though the write speeds are no where near as nice...
They never are, fortunately pcsx2 never writes apart from the log file, so as long as that isn't on the drive, you're golden Smile
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