Well, hello!

I've been emulating on an AMD x2 7750 BE (OC @ 3GHz), and most games run with little frame drop.
In fact, I've just finished MGS3 with only the fight with the flamethrower guy (the fury I think...) beign the only major FPS drop in the entire game.

I'm looking for a new processor, to play some Shadow of the Colossus in shiny HD, so I was wondering if the impact in final speed between these two instructions sets are worthy of a new motherboard too.

Any life experiences in the mater?

(And please, pardon my english!)

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Not really have big impact if you change the SSE2 to SSE3. "Possible" just few FPS drop or increase. NOte: SSE is for processor but not motherboard.
(08-04-2009, 06:41 AM)nelsonz Wrote: . NOte: SSE is for processor but not motherboard.

He need to change mainboard for Intel if he want SSSE3.
Unless you want to OC your new processor very high I wouldnt recommend that change maybe invest on a better overclock instead (would be cheaper also), SSE2 vs SSSE3 isnt that big difference in general almost not noticeable for most games... maybe if you went SSE4.1 you would notice tho.
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The 7750's a black edition CPU right? Based on the original Phenom..
Just overclock it.
Or get the Phenom II 550.
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Oh, so SSE4.1 is better than SSSE3?
I mentioned the motherboard because for SSSE3 I need an Intel CPU.

My current CPU is indeed Overclocked at 3GHz. I'm no OC expert, but on stock cooling, I think that's the fastest it can go (original clock is 2.7 GHz).

So, if I buy a Core i7 950 or an extreme edition, will it give me a boost?
Yeah the i7 will give you a HUGE speed boost compared to that Athlon x2. Especially if you OC it to like 3 Ghz it will probably run almost anything well.
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yeh an i7 @ 3ghz may give you over double the fps in some games compared to an x2 @ 3ghz.
not only because the i7 is a beast, but also because AMD cpu's don't benefit from DaZ much, whereas intel cpu's benefit highly in some games.
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The i7 CPU costs alot of money, You'll need new ram, a new board, probably a new PSU.
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If you want highend cpu i suggest you to buy cpu i7 975 buddy and you will not worry again from overclock and heat cpu problem.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.

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