So my cpu supports SSE3 but when setting the graphics i noticed its SSSE3(extra 'S'), i tried it anyway and it said my cpu didnt support it SSE 3.01(an 'S' disappeared)
i dont get it? my cpu isnt THAT old Amd phenom II x4 7550, it also supports SSE 4A.
are those settings mainly for intel?
the answer is probably blatantly obvious, but could someone please enlighten me?
cheers Smile

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this plugin is deigned to use intel's SSSE3.

nothing except SSE2 fotr AMD users yet Sad
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awww thought as much, cool thanks for clearing that up Smile
Quote:SSE 3.01(an 'S' disappeared)
i dont get it?

It's a typo Tongue It should say SSSE3 too. I think we've fixed this on SVN
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