SSE3 + dx9 or SSE2 + directx10?? another problem...
I tried to use SSE2 plug in with both directx 9 and 10 ( both were running without problems, the only difference is that dx9 uses more cpu) , but when i'm using SSSE3 (or SSE4) , only dx9 seems to work...if i use dx10 the emulator (well....the driver) ''crushes'' and a message pops up: the video driver has stopped to work correctly, but it was correctly reset'' (or something like that 'cause i'm italian and the message was obviously in italian)...but there is no video output...just the sound.

It's not a real problem,in fact the games (final fantasy expecially of course XD) DO work without problem with sse2

what is the advantage to use ssse3 or superior?

and is there a way to solve this?

thank you Smile

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What are your system specs (mainly processor,graphics card and operating system) and have you updated your DirectX?
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It would help if you could post us the specs you're running the emulator on. Particularly, which processor and graphics card are you using?

EDIT: Ack, ninjaed! Laugh
yes, excuse me, i forgot to post them because 've already done it in another thread.

3gb ram
Intel quad core processor 2.66 ghz
ati radeon sapphire hd 4800 series
my OS is windows vista with service pack 1
Quad 2,6 ghz does not help much,we need the model number.
As I said before have you updated your DirectX? Use the web updated in any case (first hit on my google search but it should do)
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Intel® Core™ Quad CPU Q9400 @2.66GHZ 2.67Ghz, this is all i was able to find (i'm not that expert about computer stuff), and about the directx.. i didn't knew that it was possible to upgrade it...(this is the proof of what i was saying about my skills XD), now i'll control, just a moment
it was not updated,i'm doing it using your link Smile
ok, the problem is solved Laugh thank you very much...but what about the advantage of using SSSE3 instead of sse2?
Some speed boosts...your CPU supports SSE4 afaik so that's best.
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