SSE4.1 Not Supported
The weirdest thing is happening with PCSX2, everytime I try to use GSdx SSE 4.1 Plugin, it keeps telling me that my processor doesn't support it. And I'm 100% sure that my processor supports it, since my Processor is a Q9400. If anybody can tell me why this isn't working, that would be great.

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Could be many reasons, just try the SSSE3 or SSE2 for now.

Run CPU-Z and see if it detects the SSE4.1.
Does it happen with all GSdx SSE4 versions or just an specific one?
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It has been reported to happen due to incompatibilities of older motherboards with newer processors. I suggest you update the BIOS of your motherboard.
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Yeah, for some reason CPU-Z doesn't detect SSE4.1. This is very strange considering last time I ran PCSX2, everything worked fine with SSE4.1. Also I only tried version 0.1.16 and 0.1.15 of the plugin

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