SSX 3 - Trying to squeeze another 5FPS!
Hi Guys,

First post here just wondering if any one can help. Trying to get SSX 3 running and for most part it's pretty smooth, 50fps (max) for about 60% of the time. However it often drops to 40 and it's starting to annoy a little bit. Done everything I can to get FPS up, latest drivers, latest BETA and over-clocked card.

Specs (laptop):
Intel Core2Duo T9400 @ 2.66GHz
nVidia 9600M GT 512MB (O/Ced to 600/900/1600)

Latest PCSX2 BETA and Plugins using GSDX 1873 (MSV 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.15

Plugin Settings:
Direct3D 10 (Hardware) (Haven't noticed differences in 9,10,11 tbh)
No Interlacing
Allow 8 Bit Textures

Graphics card set to performance on nVidia control panel... Tried all the speedhacks as well with no joy, probably nothing I can do but thought I'd post. (Yes I have used search function).

Ironically bought a backwards compatible PS3 last week but SSX 3 crashes randomly Sad

Any help appreciated thanks. Biggrin

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