SSX On Tour [PAL-E] Wrong FPS detection?
Hello dear PCSX2-Team,

i may have found an FPS issue in the affected game that seems to be wrong detected.

Game: SSX On Tour [PAL-E] (SLES_535.52 / CRC = 686B786E)
First affected PCSX2-Version: any PCSX2-Version
Last working PCSX2-Version: none yet

Single Frame GS-Dump:
Multi Frame GS-Dump:

The emulator shows „Game: 30 FPS” and „Video: 50 FPS”, but a PAL game should have 25 or 50 ingame FPS, right? I hope someone is more familiar with this. Smile

Quick edit: The „Force Blit Internal FPS Detection (When auto-detection fails)” setting also shows the same.

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Temporary solution found. In the emulator set the PAL Frame Rate to 60.00 hz instead of 50.00 hz. The game will run at the „correct“ frame rates and does not affect the speed (no 10% acceleration). This probably means that the game or the emulator mistakenly does not apply the correct hz automatically. I do not know exactly how this can happen. Wacko
Sounds like a lazy port from the NTSC version to me
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Might not be a fault of the emu because there are numerous other games from that era that also had sloppy conversions from NTSC-U/C. This game actually has a 60fps/framerate unlock patch, though I don't remember if that was on the PS2 version or one of the other emulator platforms (Xbox, Gamecube).
So let us agree that the game developers made a little mishap. Closedeyes

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