SSX Tricks and Analog Issues

Been having this issue for years and I still have never solved it. The problem is when playing any SSX game, you cannot use the analog stick to do tricks. Like to flip upside down, it just gets to a point and stops.

I'm using a wireless X360 controller but I also tried with a wireless Dualshock 4, which seems to be even worse.

Currently using the latest stable version of the emulator but tried with the nightly build too.

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That's not a feature, you use the D-Pad to do flips and spins. Analog sticks are for adjusting your rider in the air. Not an emulator issue.
I'm sure I used analog sticks to do it when I played it on the ps2.
Maybe you misremembered, because I've played every of SSX games as well, and you've definitely needs to use D-Pad for any rotation tricks.
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(01-31-2022, 10:42 AM)Darkness7148 Wrote: I'm sure I used analog sticks to do it when I played it on the ps2.

Try again on your PS2, and you'll see if your memories are correct Wink
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Dpad is indeed used by default for spins and rotations and such, the analog stick controlled the rider. I think you could switch this in the options menu, not sure though.

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