SSX Tricky save/load game problem

I too need some help in this game... It runs very good, every now and then little slow but still I can play. Problem is with the saved game... I tried to load saved game, it said it is a succesfully loaded but it's like none of my achievements are saved...

I used cheats to unlock riders and boards which are locked again and I have no medals, so maybe thats the problem? It can't properly save with cheats?

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Use the latest svn ...or the stable realise......
Using any speedhacks,
if yes disable them or use only recommended ones,don't touch sliders !
Tried your advices but nothing, with cheats it won't save game (well it saves it but later when I load it, there is nothing on it) but without cheats it works, levels, boards and everything else is saved. I guess I have to play this game without cheats since all my work is lost because it doesn't save it.

Edit: I don't know is this important but cheats I use are for ps2 (square, X, O ...) not with raw codes like I saw here...
Maybe vsub can help him here in the forum.he is mostly come to post u'r pcsx2 cheats/patches here section,Good Luck !

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