SSX Tricky slows at 3D
I have been dying to play PS2 games, and the SSX series is one of my faves. Whenever I play SSX Tricky (different settings) I can get the game to go 100%(60fps) all the way until I have to choose a character. It drops to 30-40% (30ish fps). Any help?

Laptop Specs.

i7 q740 @ 1.73
4 GB Ram
GT 330m


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The GT330m is essentially a rebranded GT240, which while it should run games, isn't quite in the 'recommended graphics card' range.

In the window bat at the top, does the EE or GS percentage get very close to or hit 100%? Also, try messing about with some of the speedhacks and see if any of the options improves the speed.
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well he is stuck at the minimun due to i7 base speed....if turbo initiates heat is the side effect may knockdown the CPU's speed unless he is equipped w/ laptop cooler.
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Oops, saw the i7 and skipped to the next line, forgot they released a line of very low clocked i7's for laptops, my bad XD

It doesn't sound like the CPU speed is being knocked down though, simply that the menus are a piece of cake to render, but going to character selection suddenly means it has to start doing some work and it collapses. As a laptop there's not going to be any real room for overclocking, so its going to have to be speedhacks all the way, and they won't take you very far with a 1.73Ghz CPU I'm afraid.

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