(SSX3) (SOLVED) Please! I need help regarding graphic settings!

If anyone of you guys could help me with a problem that I've been having, I would be very appreciative. I am a beginner who just installed this program to relive my SSX3 childhood memories.

To keep it short: I have 2 options. 

- I can use software render settings 
These render settings work fine for me. But the texture quality is very bad. I have a 27 inch monitor, and having only (I think?) 720p quality does not look good at all. I have been playing on this for a few hours and it's allright but I feel that I'm lacking the experience.

- I can use hardware render settings. With this options I can change the resolution and stuff like that. However this option creates problems for me. When I use these hardware settings, my game starts to look like this: (I have tried every option in the list!)

[Image: e1QJTzP.png]

As You can see, this is unplayable. (It does not look like this in the menu). I notice the increased resolution and quality. One time these red bars went away for 4 seconds after I went out of bounds and it looked so nice for those 4 seconds!!

So what do I really want?

To keep it simple, I would just really love to play this game in 1440p 60fps. I don't care what settings I will have to use for it. I have a very high end PC (4770k@4,5ghz + gtx1070) so it will be able to bruteforce anything to 60fps. That's not an issue.

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope that some of you will have the knowledge to help me with my problem. 
I hope to hear from some of you!

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use a recent Git build from here: https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php
and change the hardware renderer to OpenGL
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It works! It looks absolutely glorious! Thank you so much!

I thought I had the most recent version, so I did not consider this option.

One small thing: I redownloaded the program without deleting anything, but my save is gone! (my silly mistake!). Is there a way to get it back? Otherwise NP I wont really mind doing it all over again now the everything looks so good!

Oh, and now that I have your attention anyways, can I disable the ESC key to instantly close the game without saving? sorry if I am asking to much hahah!

Anyways, thank you again! you're a livesaver. You were so quick to reply too!
your saves are probably not gone, they are probably under my documents\pcsx2\memcards rather than in the folder where pcsx2 is, so you should be able to just copy them.

If by "saves" you actually meant savestates, they are no longer compatible and you should have saved properly using the ingame saves Tongue
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I see. 

Can't thank you enough other than recommending this emulator to all my friends. You guys are awesome!

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