SSX3 config?
Hi guys!

My laptop [desktop replacement] has a Core 2 Duo T9900 processor [3.06 GHz] and two ATI Mobility HD4850 GPUs [1 GB per card]. I am aware that ATI Mobility GPUs do not perform similarly to their desktop counterparts, and sources I've read indicate that one ATI Mobility HD4850 will perform comparably to an ATI HD4830.

That being said, I've tried to play one or two games [SSX3, Shadows of the Colossus] using the stable PCSX2 0.9.8 release, and both games usually dip into the 25-30fps range as soon as anything graphically intensive comes on screen [which, unfortunately, is quite frequent for both games].

While I'm aware of the recommended specs of the emulator and I believe that my computer is pretty adequate in meeting those specs, I am still wondering if the performance I'm experiencing within PCSX2 should be expected given my computer's specs. If not, what's the optimal PCSX2 build for my computer, and how should I configure it? [Ideally, I just want to play SSX3. It's been a while. Tongue] Should I disable XFire for my GPUs? Will that make a difference?

I have tried various combinations of speedhacks, setting native resolution within the GFX plugin, and I've tried the DX9 and 10 settings. I have looked at other people's configs for SSX3 in particular, but I'm not looking for HD graphics here [most configs are going for HD graphics] and even so, their configurations don't seem to work well. I figure that my computer might not be powerful enough to handle this game, but I'm holding out hope that I might just have PCSX2 configured improperly.

If you guys can help, that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Smile


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well many people have awesome computers and others have not so great. as yoiu said SSX3 is intensive, so what u get is what you get, since its an emulator and your computer isnt toooo bad, but PCSX2 isnt recommended for laptops though, and this is why, but 30fps is pretty good.
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