STEAM achievement on PCSX2?

On STEAM, there is N2O: Nitrous Oxide running on ePSXe (emulator PS1) with achievement on STEAM version.
I think It's modified in ISO or plugin for unlock achievement on STEAM so I ask to Team PCSX2 make a similar if they can for those who do not like the PC version in a game like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (I have him create a launcher to directly launch the emulator and not the PC version on STEAM look this screenshots on page official game: link) and others games.

I don't found category "Suggestion" so If I'm in bad category please move the thread thank you.

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You can't have steam achievements unless your program is on steam. Also it would mean modifying the emulator for every game.

I'm not a fan of what they have done with N2O, they have completely fine against GPL licensing.

Fwiw, they are using PCSX-Reloaded, not epsxe
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