Sorry if this is a stupid question but are SVN faster than pcsx2 1.00

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Not necessarily. The SVN is pretty much all the latest changes in a project, be they experimental or work-in-progress. Some stuff might work, others might be broken. Unless you try it you won't know for certain.
The main focus nowadays in improving accuracy and addressing compatibility problems with games. Not much about improving performance... is already hard to keep performance at the same level. Anyway two things may come, some performance gain due to hardware evolution (both in hardware performance as in instruction set enhancement) and possibly some optimization on PCSX2 code (although locally mostly).

Other than this, one should expect SVN to perform a bit worse with already working games, this is the price of accuracy.

But... the ubiquitous but... there are things to do yet, who knows how it turns up?
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Just have to keep in mind that it's possible that the latest commit in the SVN repository completely breaks a certain feature (or less likely, though still possible, the entire PCSX2 emulator) with a bug introduced by newly added code. While most of the time stability and compatibility will have been improved, it is very possible that the latest version is not the best version.

As far as your question goes about whether it will be faster, nosisab Ken Keleh gave a pretty good answer. The answer is...not necessarily. Speed isn't the focus and likely will not be improved from revision to revision.
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