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SVN Builds wont even launch
i am starting to think that this is one of those problems that's relieved by new windows installation..i can't afford that though..

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not to be a spammer, but i really really need this to work..and i am desperate for help.
just wanted to update you with my latest attempt to upload the log of what's happening, only to find that the PCSX2/logs folder is completely empty..
and i just tried this as well:

- tried to uininstall all vcredist from my computer with revo uninstaller deleting all the traces along the way, and download only 2008 and 2010 x86 and x64..same problem.
- tried to download the latest build (5850), again..same problem..
- and did a full windows update just in case..
Try deleting the dev9gigarazi DLLs from your plugins folder (leave dev9null there though)
Edit: Also make sure you have this
(It's SP1, not the same as the ones posted before)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i am pretty sure i tried this one before along my "Vcredist installation journey"..but i will try non the less, it's not like i have another option Laugh
will keep you posted, and thanks for the reply Smile
- tried installing the one you linked, like i expected..i already had it.
- deleted the files, left null..still the same

what's killing me is that my PCSX v1.0.0 r5350 is working just fine! how is that even possible unless it's something in the very coding of the new versions?
not that i know anything about coding, but i am just saying..
just tell me when to give up, because i am not very good at realizing the perfect time for that :/
i went ahead to test when exactly in the build did this error started to surface, after downloading nearly 30 diffrent build i was finally able to pinpoint the error popping up when i upgraded from build r5492 to build 5494 , build 5492 works just fine (like my currently used build 5350 v 1.0.0) while build (5494) crashes instantely with the same error message as the later builds..

i went ahead and tried some more builds later to 5494 just to make sure the error pops "from that build on" and i can pretty much confirm that it does.
to tell you the truth, i don't know what that says because the change log just states:

* new language: arabic
* update CS_CZ/es_ES/sv_SE/tr_TR/zh_CN
* refresh others translations"

and that's not something fundamental to the functionality of the application as far as i know, the only link here is that while i have the "windows display language" set to English, i do have Arabic in my windows added as the "format language" and the locale set to Egypt because that's where i live..

could it be that PCSX is trying to default to arabic at startup, and that windows is not liking that much?!

i will investigate this further, i think i have a lead here..



i went ahead and changed the system local to "united states" along with most of the localization options..just changed all of them to united states instead of Egypt, tried to open it..and VOILA, it's working like a charm, and that's the latest build (r5854)!
i don't know what "beef" does windows has with PCSX2 launching and trying to default to Arabic according to locale, but changing it surely fixed this!
i am going to leave this here for all my fellow Arabs to see, and you can mark this as solved Laugh
thanks for all the replies btw Laugh
If I still have right to post in closed forum. I fixed Arabic translation in r5857, could someone test it.

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