SVN Comit question.
Hello everybody.

I noticed that some 3rd Party Libraries are outdated, and that some warnings Excl like the ones that appear while compiling [Soundtouch] on VS2010 SP1, vanished with the newest SVN source code, and in case of Soundtouch it now support x64 compilation (i know this is not usable on PCSX2 right now...)

How can we suggest or send the diff to some Dev´er or Repo Admin check and comit? Is this possible to a user not in the developers group?

I tried to find this information here on the forum, but couldn´t, sorry.

Also, when i opened the GameIndex.dbf file.
I checked that the DB is simple to update (plain text) and say if the newest version of PCSX runs the game editing the compatibility option as the structure below:
Serial = SLUS-20963
Name = Final Fantasy XII
Region = NTSC-U
Compat = 5
Since i´m compiling the SVN and distributing to my friends to test (specially because of the 1080px Full HD), i´d like to ask them to test the game they´re replaying, and inform about glitches, freezes and crashes.

Should we edit the database or suggest to someone in special edit and comit?
I noticed that there are some DBF updates by Shadow Lady.

Thanks in advance for any help, and i apologize if i broke some forum rules... i´m new around.Tongue

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this one time, a dev fixed a warning which resulted in the function it was warning about not working at all.

warnings mean jack when the dev know what they're doing.
There's an issue in the SVN for changes in the GameDB, could use that to commit later:
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The usual way to contribute is to get in contact with the dev team and ask for directions.
Just like you did now. Tongue2

If it's about the game database file, you best use the issue report Shadow Lady linked to.
If it's about source code changes, you could use patches (TSVN > Create Patch) and post them here Smile

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