SVN Trunk - Translation files for Portuguese (Brazil)
I created this topic as a way to provide translation updates for SVN trunk when PCSX2 was using a SVN repository and Google Code page. Now that Github is the (Git) repository of PCSX2, I will provide my contributions in there as Pull Request, unless it is determined otherwise.

Just for the record, last translation contribution provided in here was based on SVN revision: 5789

This topic will be closed, since it lost its meaning.

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commit in r4736 (trunk)
I commit the po in r4920.

Note for futur update please post a reply to the thread so I get a notification. Thanks.
Actually the ideia was to not bother you with updates of few strings, and only have it committed when you felt like it was the time to do so. But ok. Smile

strings updated to r5267
Commited in r5305. Thanks
strings updated to r5388.
Commit in r5410. Thanks.
Strings updated to 5538.
Some Enlightenment:
"Enable Widescreen Patches" needs support in your translation.

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