SVN build??
Ok so i have this page bookmarked but I noticed alot the builds listed on the site for SVN are missing from the Download page.

For instance SVN from the website Main site says we up to 5240 and when you click download it sends you to Download link the which inturn says 5227 is the latest

Is there reason for this cause its been like this for quite some time

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5227 is the latest release. See here.

The rest might be deemed unstable by the devs or something and are therefore not available.

If that's not the case, maybe Orphis just hasn't updated yet, so wait on it, or hell anything really.

What I do know is that I and many other use 5227, so I'd say just keep with us.
I never thought of that, I just thought the build where really delayed on the download page
Build bot is broken currently. Orphis is working on it Smile
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Seriously, no more threads about this.
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