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SVN daily snapshots (build bot) by Orphis
You could keep the same checkout directory and only update it. Incremental updates are quite fast and the script would work well localy.

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Ok, how pcsx2 installation works through SVN in Archlinux (not all packages for this distro works this way, though). There is a build script called PKGBUILD. It first checkout or update the sources from svn repo, then run cmake+arguments, make and install.
Depending on the method used to download/install pcsx2 svn the files will be placed in a temporarily folder and therefore every installation will require checkout all sources again -- this is highly bandwidth consuming.

On the other side, if I use a tarball as source for the PKGBUILD, the download will be a lot faster than svn checkout. If I want a specific version (ex: latest sources from /branches/0.9.8) there is no much sense in use svn.

Since I'm the maintainer of pcsx2 in archlinux, I indeed have a local directory and keep updating. It works fine, as you mentioned. The worst scenario is the one I mentioned before: user wants version 0.9.8 and have to download from svn (slow) to install it. And for every update, this user will need to download all source again. I'd love to have tarball ready to be used as source.

By the way, there is thread for Archlinux. It has a little description of how PCSX2 is being maintained nowadays. See here.
One question do you use my script to download from svn or do you checkout all trunk. My script can save you lots of time.
(06-09-2011, 10:26 PM)gregory Wrote: One question do you use my script to download from svn or do you checkout all trunk. My script can save you lots of time.

Currently I don't use your script.

What will save me a lot of time is a source tarball ready and available to be download. The PKGBUILD commands are all done in "runtime": if configured to download svn will download from svn.

If I run your script in the PKGBUILD, it will download all sources from svn, do some process and then create a small size source tarball -- plz correct me if misunderstood your script. In case I didn't misunderstood, both solutions would be equally time and bandwidth consuming.
Actually my script does not dowload everythings. In particular no 3rdparty (can be updated to only get sdl and gsdx but it will be bigger), only a subset of plugins. I need to update it to avoid the dowload of the lang binrary folders. You can do some tests and easily remove or add some plugins. That why my script only create a 3Mbytes tarball.

For the moment my suggestion would be to provide the svn package at a higher frequency. And from time to time (for example every 2-3 week), create our own tarball.

It is probably a bad idea (because user can do modification) but it would fit your needs. Maybe you could keep the svn repository somewhere (like /var/cache). Then later do only update. Smaller bandwith than the tarball, it would only cost 250Mbytes (or half if you drop 3rparty).
Or you could tell your script not to move the files out of the svn checkout but copy them to the directory you want. This way, if the checkout doesn't exist, you get it all, otherwise you just update and then copy the files you need. First build is slow, the following will be way faster.
Quote:Or you could tell your script
You can have everything Smile

I just want to keep some feature for myself. I use it to install cleanly pcsx2 on my system, but I could add some news options.

Note my script only do some update when the repository already exists so it would be easy to adapt it.

To sum up:
Let's say I create an option -local
+ 1/ dowload svn into $HOME/.cache/pcsx2_trunk_svn/ or update it if alredy exists
* only requiere to change ROOT_DIR variable actually
* must remove the clean of the $ROOT_DIR
+ 2/ then copy this repository to tmp, remove some useless stuff, then create a .tar.gz
* already done in the script

Is this implementation ok for everybody ?

Edit: attach the script with the update

Attached Files
.gz (Size: 2,15 KB / Downloads: 333)
By "your" script, I meant the PKGBUILD thing that's making the svn checkout useless Tongue2
What is this GSdx32-AVX
gabest implemented AVX instructions for GSdx some time ago (he got a sandy bridge, and soon after he started working with AVX, seems he gave up already Tongue2), so now there's SSE2/SSSE3/SSE4.1/AVX versions. AVX wasn't included in the final PCSX2 0.9.8 version because there had been not enough time to test it.
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