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i dont trust that compatability list, i guess i have to find a way to get Black played on the emulator. have u guys ever tried to play Black, whats the result? what do u suggest i do to get it working?

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Well, I have the US version and like the compatibility list said...nothing...
Although, I haven't try it with r1888, but I doubt it will work. Too lazy to try.Tongue2
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ok, let me know if anything works out. thamnks dr.thrax
You don't trust the compatibility list, which is maintained by the emulator team itself and also matches your actual results? Strange...
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do u think there will be support for most of the titles that were labeled as not working in the compatability list; games such as Black, james bond and some more action FPS games? give me your take please.
Games that have the nothing status are hard to fix. It's mostly unimplemented things or aspects of the playstation 2 that have no documentation at all, making it almost impossible to emulate these parts.
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thanks man, but i just hope they fix black, i really wanna play on pc.

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