Sacrifices and performance in Persona 3
Hey guys, new user and needing a little help.
I can either run it on 2x resolution with interlacing and 8 bit textures OR I can run it on 3x resolution WITHOUT interlacing or 8 bit textures.

Which would look the best? and what is interlacing and 8 bit textures?

Aside from that I thought my PC would run this a little better, I have 3GB RAM, 2.40 Ghz (turbo it goes to 3.10Ghz) and a 525M nvidia geforce card. I can run stuff like Borderlands and Amnesia max settings.

I'm thinking maybe the nvidia optimus crap is messing me up but I'm not sure, any solutions? Speed hacks seem to do nothing or slow me down further.

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Get the latest Pcsx2, use D3D11 if possible. Enable 8 bit textures (because there's a lot of 2D stuff that looks bad without it) and texture filtering. Go x2 scaling and set interlacing to Auto or None (go x3 scaling if MTVU speeds up your game). Enable MTVU speedhack (for the persona games, the less hacks you use the better) but disable any other hacks. If you're not getting full speed just stick with x2 scaling and mess with the EE/VU speedhacks.
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