Sakura Wars
Just a small request from me Smile

Theres a new game coming out, its name is Sakura Wars - So long my Love.

Its the kind of game i want.

Visual Novel , anime-style strategy game, its my favourite, plus, ive seen a preview on youtube and it looks cool except for the Mecha fighting, i dont like robots, but i can bear with it.

So my request is that your team works on making this game compatible for the Pcsx2, my PS2 is a brick so my only choice is Pcsx2 Smile

Will you do this little favour for the community? Thank you Smile

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We don't take single game fix requests like this.
Besides, I think that game is playable Tongue2
It is?

Well ill try it out and tell you about it.

Why dont u like these requests?
The game actually runs fine with only a bit slowness during battles.
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(06-26-2010, 12:47 PM)blackrose1990 Wrote: Why don't u like these requests?

If they start fixing games by request,when the overall progress will continue.
Isn't it better to fix something that will probably make more games to work better or even to make them work than focusing on fixing single game.
(06-26-2010, 12:47 PM)blackrose1990 Wrote: Why dont u like these requests?

We have a full schedule all the time, so working on requests will take time away from that.
Then should we manage to fix a problem, people will immediately step up and ask for their game to be fixed.
We'd be more and more working on a PCSX2 that's specialized on certain games than doing a general purpose emulator, which is our main goal.

Plus: People are asking for specific games all the time, it's kinda annoying Tongue2

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