Samurai Warriors XL Import Solution
Hi there!

After hours of online research and failed attemps to make de Disc Swap to import data from Samurai Warriors to the XL version, I finally managed to do it and decided to shares it with you guys!

1) Extract your Samurai Warriors XL ISO to a new folder
2) Extract your Samurai Warriors ISO to the same folder you extracted Samurai Warriors XL, BUT DO NOT OVERRIDE ANY FILE!
3) Create a new ISO using the files from the folder where you extracted both games. (I used ImgBurn)
4) Mount the ISO using the software of your choice. (I used DAEMON Tools Lite)
5) On PCSX2 (1.2.1), use the cdvdGigaherz (0.8.0) plugin and configure it to use the disc you just mounted.
6) On the CDVD GUI menu, select Plug-in.
7) Load the CDVD.
8) Try to import the data from the previous game.
9) When prompted to open the disc tray, go to the CDVD GUI menu and quickly change to No Disc and back to the Plug-in.
10) Do step #9 again when prompted to open the disc tray again.
11) Done.

Just some notes:
1) The created ISO doesn't load without the plugin.
2) You'll have import the data everytime you load the CDVD.
3) So far, I haven't seen any problem playing using this new ISO, but I don't know if these extra files will have any influence in the game later on.
4) This MAY work with other games, but I don't have them to test it.

Hope this information is usefull to you!
See ya o/

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Hours of searching gave you this then? Tongue
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For some reason, those exactly same steps didn't work for me...
Because Drax80 mentioned some files that weren't present in my ISO (because it is a different game) and also, using fast load in the ISO didn't work for me too...
But that post helped me to try other things until I finally managed to solve it...
Sorry for necroposting, but it's better than create a new thread
This method works with Samurai Warriors 2 XL too ?
Quote:Sorry for necroposting, but it's better than create a new thread
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