Samurai warriors 1
A few glitches have been noticed not in actual gameplay but a few cutscenes, a few I have found so far are yukimaru sanadas tale with one cutscene glitching out his appearance and a few in oichis as well. Only major issue which is the compatibility between samurai warriors and it's expansion "samurai warrios:xtreme legends" the game doesn't seem to recognize the original game. Despite game shark working the same bases it still works for samurai warriors however. Just wanted to see if you guys noticed any glitches in the game as well (I know their is a way around getting the results of xtreme legends, but would like to atleast report this) let me know if you guys find anything else, Hopefully someone will fix this one day
Happy emulating, AAA

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Not a bug report. Moving to general support.
(11-03-2017, 04:59 AM)CK1 Wrote: Not a bug report. Moving to general support.

Okay, thank you so much
We are aware of the disc switching issue, it has been a long standing bug with no known workaround
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