San Andreas Graphical Issue (Doubled Image/Blur)
Hello. I'm currently running the 1.7.3528 developmental build of PCSX2. I'm experiencing an odd doubling effect running San Andreas. I have autoflush enabled, and the old stereotypical ghosting image doesn't seem to be my problem. I think it might be some sort of upscaling problem. Included is an image of the issue.

[Image: Gzq3otB.jpg]
It's a bit faint, but every texture seems to have a faint double, which makes the entire game much more blurry. The effect seems to be greater in cutscenes. I tried fooling with the half pixel offsets, but they didn't seem to solve it...
Any advice would be appreciated!

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The new nightly seems to have resolved the issue. Strangely, the doubling effect still persists in CJ's house, but to a much lesser extent. Outside and in cutscenes I haven't noticed it at all. In any case, it's now diminished and occasional enough to where it's not an issue for me.

[Image: 1yudClP.jpg]
The faint doubling persists inside the Grove Street house, but much less so.

It's unrelated, but the new nightly also seems to have helped with the lag I experienced driving over dirt surfaces, causing lots of particle effects.
In any case, the issue seems resolved to me for now.

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