San Andreas "ghosting" and whatever
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I'm on PCSX2 1.6, the most recent version of the Windows stable release as of writing.
I have found a thread from 8 years ago that is describing basically the same issue that I had then and now.
What exactly is the consensus on this problem? What is the "guaranteed" fix for the ghosting effect? GTA San Andreas is a pretty popular game and
yet 8 years later the emulator still has the problem. Before I play whack-a-mole with a bunch hacks I want to be sure that I do as minimal damage to the graphical effects as possible to fix the issue. I don't want to have to look up videos from several years ago.
What is the most recent and effective "hack" or "fix" for this issue?

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Quote:The hell with you for dividing the conversation! The issue is still relevant
Yeah, this is called necroposting. Something generally avoided when moderating forums. No problem with this, kid.
You just lack basic culture for now, and that's why you have an agressive stance. It's a commin reaction.

Anyways, the bug you described is long gone. try searching a bit next time
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