Sandy Bridge = BIG improvement
I'm sure people who have these processors already know this, but for people out there wondering how you can improve the performance of PCSX2....this would be it.

This is my desktop PC:

- AMD Phenom II x4 964 @ 3.4ghz
- 8gb DDR3 RAM
- AMD 6950 2gb GPU

No slouch, right? Well I play PCSX2 on that, and while multiple games run fine, I've had choppy frame rates with multiple games I'd like to have running well.

Now....enter my new laptop. I just received an Asus G73SW-XT1, which as the following specs:

- i7-2630qm @ 2ghz w/ "Turbo Boost" up to 2.9ghz
- 8gb DDR3 RAM
- nvidia gtx 460m GPU w/ 1.5gb RAM

I threw PCSX2 on this machine last night NCAA Football is FINALLY PLAYABLE!! It ran with a smooth framerate and I was so, so happy. It wasn't 100% perfect mind you, but absolutely in a playable, faster state. Same thing with Gran Turismo 4, it may have even been 60fps! I knew the Sandy Bridge processors were better, but I wasn't expecting that HUGE of a difference, especially considering this is a laptop version of the processor at 2ghz!

All I can say is the AMD 965 mobo and cpu are going up for sale, and it's time for an i5-2500k for me. Just an amazing difference.

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Fortunately Intels take advantage of a lot of stuff AMD chips just dont have, which will have helped your framerate a lot Smile
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Big-time. I was just shocked that it made that much of a difference. I expected a few frames, but I didn't expect to go from choppy to "wow."
Glad you're happy Smile if only everybody would go intel haha
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I just recently went from a Q6600 2.4ghz to a i5-2005k oced 4.3ghz. Damn it's pretty crazy the change that happened. Kind of surprised about the laptop version being that good also.
5850 / i5-2005k 4.3 ghz/ W7/ X-fi soundcard/ 8 gigs ram
Go with a Nvidia card or gpu and you will be even more amaze!
(09-15-2011, 05:50 PM)mva5580 Wrote: I'm sure people who have these processors already know this...

Sure do! Biggrin

Even at stock, the 2500K will beat most previous processors that are OC'd to their peak.
Then you OC it up to like 40-50%... Happy
Got the 2920XM at 4.1 - 4.8 Ghz, can't beat that man. I really love this new computer I have, it has all the newest tech and it plays pretty much anything flawlessly, PC games or emulated ones.

Also, yes, Nvidia all the way. I have an Overclocked Nvidia 580m GTX which is the newest and greatest mobile GPU released by Nvidia, and I even got it Overclocked which almost nobody does (Origin is a fantastic computer manufacturer). With that and 16GB of 1600Mhz memory and the best Solid State Drive currently in existence this computer dominates all other laptops.

The only downside to the Sandy Bridge sets is that they don't support dual graphics cards as I hoped they would. If you notice, manufacturers like Origin, Sager, Alienware, and Clevo now offer laptops with dual cards because they have put the Gulftown sets into big laptops. Though the dual GPU feature is impressive, as well as having 6 cores in a laptop processor, I went with the Sandy Bridge because the cons outweighed the pros with the Gulftown. (For games, 4 cores running at 4.1Ghz - 4.8Ghz is better than 6 running at 3.46Ghz. The hex-core processor is only really any good if it's development programs we're talking about, such as video editing and such, for they are the only ones which can actually make use of 6 cores. Additionally, the Sandy Bridge models use multiples of 4 [up to 32GB] of faster memory compared to the Gulftown which use multiples of 6 [up to 24GB] and in laptops can't use higher speed than 1333Mhz when using 12GB or more. Finally, the Sandy Bridge models have many new features just because they're newer, and this fact is one of the biggest reasons the Sandy Bridge has been known to be such a great improvement - because of all the new technologies that come with it. OH, and the Gultown models are all around 12lbs and suck hard like a ***** when it comes to battery life because it's made for desktops, not laptops. OH, and they also get hotter than SB, and oh I could just keep going on and on about Gulftown's downsides). If you want dual graphics in a laptop, perhaps the Ivy Bridge coming in 2012 will bring something interesting to the front.

I just love how I can play PS2 games like this now. I'm going to make great use of it over the next few years playing all the games from my childhood and enjoying the time that RPGs dominated consoles, before they were forced back into handhelds and given the ***** new name "JRPG" after consoles were drowned in western RPGs. As far as emulation goes, I have a feeling we're not going to see anything better than the PCSX2 for the next 10 to 20 years (as far as consoles go) because of the difficulty of making emulators (taking 100x CPU power etc), if EVER honestly (because by the time the ability to make such incredibly powerful processors ever comes into existence my prediction is that the whole idea of processors will change or be replaced with something else entirely, so the world may never see such a thing as a PS3 emulator) so the fact that I can flawlessly play what is possibly the most powerful emulator there will be for several years feels good.
Quote:I have an Overclocked Nvidia 580m GTX which is the newest and greatest mobile GPU released by Nvidia,
until april 2012

[Image: Nvidia_mobile_GPUs.png]
it is an improvement.
On my Acer Aspire 5750G with an i5 2410m, the framerate in FFX got almost doubled compared to the C2D E6700 in my Desktop.

(I was an Idiot for not taking the i7 model Glare
but oh well... the i5 is fine too Happy)

Main Rig: i7-3770k @4.5ghz | 16GB DDR3 | Nvidia GTX 980 TI | Win 10 X64
Laptop: MSI GT62VR | i7-6700HQ | 16GB DDR4 | Nvidia GTX 1060 | Win 10 X64


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