Savage skies rom not working
I recently tried running savage skies on 1.0.0, 1.2.1, and 1.3 and It doesn't run well at all. The models of the flyers don't work, the attack crashes the game, and missions don't load. This game had a big impact on my childhood and I was looking to see if I can get some support to get it working. I tried running it on a few different computer but no dice. Thank you for any feedback. : )

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which settings you are using in the emulator?
and what your Main computer settings?
maybe you need to re-rip the game

can you play any of your other ps2 games?

post your emulog.txt

emulog.txt is located either in My documents/PCSX2/logs if you used the installer, or PCSX2/logs if you downloaded the binary (mine is in C:\Users\dave\Documents\PCSX2\logs )
Not sure what graphics card you have, it's memory bandwidth,
it's temperature, fan speed, what pixel shader it has
try TechPowerUp's gpu-z

Not sure what your cpu is try cpu-z
       (hint click on the highlighted links Biggrin)
A finished game in the pcsx2.(completed)
Recent report.

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