Save Converting
Can someone please help me with this? I have managed to get my PSV saves off the ps3 and get them into PCSX2, but now I also want to go the other way and get them from PCSX2 to .PSV files that the PS3 will recognize.

I have the following things at my disposal:
PS2 Save Builder
PSV Exporter
Thumb Drive
Sony's official PS1/2 USB memory card adapter.

I have been looking on line, but finding the answer is proving to be a huge pain. It's looking like I could buy an Action Replay Max (the one with the thumb drive) put the max files on there, then put those onto a PS2 memory card, and then put those onto the PS3. This seems to work, but sounds like a huge pain in the ass, and would cost me about $40. If someone could fill me in on what I need to do in order to do this on the computer somehow, it would be awesome.


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