Save Import?
Hello there,

im new here, so I hope this is the right Section.
I also did use the search function, but could not find anything related to my question.

So uhm, I know PCSX2 uses memory card files, where your save states are saved. (1&2)

However, is it possible to "import" save states into those mem cards? For example I started playing .hack GU // 2 on PCSX2 and you can import (ingame) a savestate from the first .hack GU game, but of course i cant find any savestate in that newly created mem card.

So is it possible to do that somehow? I want my old chars and stuff xD

If its not, well then i have to start without it.

Ps. sorry for my english skills.

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you cannot ladder your save states from .hack gu 1 to .hack gu 2.
you need a normal clear game save from vol.1 to import it to vol 2.
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yes, thats what i am talking about... You overtake their levels, weapon levels, equip and such... so is it possible or not. im asking about the function itself, thanks.
Can you import memory card saves from the first game to the second and so on as you would in the PS2? Yes.
Can you import save states from the first game to the second and so on? No, the save states are unique to the game it was made with.

Now, if you have a save state where you already cleared the game and you can get to a save spot to... well save in the memory card then you should be able to save and load that in the next game.

And just to clarify, save states don't contain memcards and the other way either. Just consider them saves in different times.
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Ehh...well first to clear that out: I KNOW that it has to be a clear file...cuz its logical, right?

So i got my Clear Save from GU on my PS2 memcard, i dont have any tools to copy that over to my PC. The laser from my PS2 im forced to use an Emulator, however PCSX2 dont have my save file, so i cant "continue / start a new game" on .hack GU 2 with my clear save. Means i have to download a clear save somewhere that is similar to mine. After that PCSX2 must "know" or what ever you call it, that i have this Clear save, so when i start GU 2 and choose "import data" ingame and load my memory card, it can actually load a clear safe.

I hope its clear now what im trying to ask... sorry, my english is not the best.
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Just put the clear game data from GU 1 to the pcsx2 memory card by using for example mymc,then start a new game and game will ask you if you want to load the clear data from GU 1.Choose yes and then choose the card in which you placed the clear data and load it.

Since you are not using your save,make sure that you are using save file for your version of the game.
In GameFaq I see that there are 2 versions of the USA version of the game(GU vol 1)

BASLUS-21488HACKGU2 search for BASLUS-21258HACKGU1 save
(11-27-2010, 03:52 PM)evil_child Wrote: I hope its clear now what im trying to ask... sorry, my english is not the best.

It's clearer now ;p

Save states are a different feature than memory card saves in PCSX2, that's where the confusion was with you mentioning both Tongue2
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Alright, i got it to work now.

Thanks to everyone who helped me! Smile

I still cant believe i can play the games at full speed xD"

Like a dream coming true Ohmy
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