Save Settings
Hey all I was wondering if there is a way to save the emulator settings for each game or if it's something I have to write down and manually do each time I load a game?

Found some more threads about this. Sorry for asking before really looking. Blush If theres any updates that I have missed though feel free to chime in. Biggrin

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Got it sir, Thank you. I did some browsing after I made my post and found it. I edited my original so I didn't look like a total dummy. Unsure
This is also answered in the Useful Links of the F.A.Q. Smile
Thanks again Rez. I don't want you all to think I just come here asking questions without looking things over but it sure seems that way eh? Sad Thanks again to every1 for the quick and courteous replies!
Hey, that's ok. It's not too awful obvious where those are. Smile

But, if you were asking how to configure the emulator, I'd be a bit more disappointed that you'd missed the "Configuration Guide". Laugh

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