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I want to start emulating Star Ocean Till the end of Time but I want to play on Universe setting. I have downloaded a couple of save files from gamefaqs that are supposed to included having this setting unlocked. I've used the mymc program to import the save file into my virtual memory card and Mymc shows the file as being there however when I boot up the game it is like the save file is not recognized because I can't select Universe setting when starting new game.

Any help is appreciated!

Edit: So I finally got it to work. I had to try multiple save files of all different types (.cbs, .mgs, ect.) and finally when booting the game the BT option was highlighted. It then told the me the data is corrupted however when selecting to start new game it let me set difficulty to 4D and I have all costumes unlocked however I had to start create a new BT file once the option was given. All in all some oddities but all is well in the end.

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It's possible the save is corrupted. First, boot just to your BIOS and select the memory card that has your save and make sure that it's not a blue cube. If it isn't, try downloading it again. If that doesn't work, try finding a save in a different site.
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