Save State Problem
Hey there, I am having some pretty intense problems with the save states. They were working fine for a while, but they are now throwing up this error message causing the game to crash when I try to load them

Unexpected end of file or stream.
Path: C:\Users\Logan\Documents\PCSX2\sstates\SLUS-21044 (F3BDB2E6).00.p2s
(pxActionEvent) (VM_UnzipFromDisk)

And the popup box says that it is either truncated or corrupted.

I was using an older version of the SPU2 plugin for Shadow Hearts Covenant to try and get rid of the squealing during boss fights. It did get rid of it (for the most part) but also caused the game to hang up somewhat frequently, so I switched back to the current plugin version. The hangups are gone (They only started after switching to the old plugin, so I figured that's what it was) but then this save state problem started up as soon as I switched back to the current plugin version. I have shutdown and done a clean load from the memory card. I have also gone in and deleted all the old save states, so I could just make a clean new one. That did not help at all.

I was not having this problem for the first few hours of this game that I played with this plugin before switching to the older SPU2, so I don't understand why I am having it now after switching back. I did also try disabling speedhack, but it didn't fix anything. They were also on when I was initially using the current plugin version without issue. Any ideas? It's very frustrating not being able to use the save states at all.

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Tried to delete your SPU2-X.ini before going back to new SPU2-X?;p The old version might messed it up somehow.
I didn't, actually! I have all three versions of the plugin that I have sitting in there together. I'll give that a go.

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