Save State causing crashes
I was playing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.It was all fun an games until the point where I decided to do a Save State,as I was mid-match and the ending was nowhere near.The console stated it had gone fine,altough stateing something the MTVU speedhack,but then I got the old windows error message that PCSX2 1.40 had stopped working.Loading this state gives me a message with only the Save State folder path on it.

It gets even worst.I decided to reset the game and the States were working fine,until I reached about 10 minutes of gameplay.I decided to Save again,imagining the first error was something random,and PCSX2 crashed again.

I'm using the default plugins,if that helps.

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Save states can be buggy and can cause crashes, they're not bullet proof and unfortunately, you may have save stated a bug which makes PCSX2 crash. The folks here always recommend making legitimate memory card saves from a save point or save menu, relying on save states can be a really bad thing to do.

For now, you'll just have to start all over and not use that save state anymore, it probably has some corrupted code that makes PCSX2 crash in some amount of time. Sorry.

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