Save State checking?
I usually save to a save state before suspending a game for a while and resuming later and just make periodic hard saves to a memory card as backups. A few weeks ago I needed to reformat and install a new OS and backed up my memory cards, save states and screenshots to another hdd and figured I could just paste them back later when I was settled after the reformat. I already stored the ripped ISO there as well. I was pretty damn sure I was using r4600, the latest official release, for the game I was playing at the time and redownloaded that. Pasted the states and cards into the folders in documents, booted it up and checked the memory card saves. They're all there and working fine. Then I tried to load a save state and got this "Unexpected end of file or stream encountered. File is probably truncated or corrupted" And then a path to whatever save state I have selected.

Is this a conflict error in revisions or did the files actually get damaged somehow? Would changing my OS have made the difference? I went from a Win7 home OEM to Win7 Ultimate. If anyone knows of an easy way to check which revision the states were made with to be sure that would be great.

CPU: AMD 955
GPU: ATI 5870
Ram: Gskill 8gb DDR3

None of the hardware has changed, just the OS. Even the save locations are identical since I installed r4600 the same way. If they're just lost that's fine too, the hardsaves work and are only a few hours off.

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OS won't make a difference. Try using a newer revision or previous older ones.
Thing is if it isn't 4600 I have no idea what it would have been, and thats a whole lotta revisions. I don't recall trying any SVNs and I know I never tried out any 9.9 versions.

Guess I'll just chalk them up as corrupted

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