Save State vs Memory Card
Hey there,

So I'm pretty new to PCSX2, and I just got everything installed and set up beautifully, and have been enjoying the unDub of Persona 4.

I have however encountered a problem with the save states vs the memory card. For whatever reason now, when I boot the game, it claims there is no memory card available, however when I load my last save state and go to a save point in the game, I can see all my save files from the Memory Card.

Wondering what could be going wrong? I don't want to rely on save states to play the game (just used them to cheat one or two tough dungeons), and would like to be able to load from a save file on bootup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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If you're using PCSX2 0.9.7 beta then make sure "Auto-eject memory cards when loading save states" is enabled in the memory card settings, you may want to check in the PS2 BIOS if the Persona 4 files are still there.
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That option is selected. There are also two memory cards in the list. Should I try deleting one, or enabling/formatting the other? Is there a way I can recover this?
make sure the memory cards are in the correct path. Example, being at the emulator's install directory while the path points to the Documents\PCSX2 folder is a common error.

Make sure the emulator is "Not" installed at C:\Program Files (x86), this is the most common source of problems with Vista e seven and might be a problem with native PC games too, mainly those that use mods.
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