Save editor?
I wanted to ask is there any kind of save editor for the PCSX2? making pnach files is a pain especially when they don't always work.

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there's no universal save game editor for PS2 games, though there are a few for specific games. you could use cheat engine for some things if you know how but that can take a while depending on what you're trying to find.
The hardest way to making a pnach file is easiest in the long run, in my opinion.
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It's kind of impossible to create a general purpose save editor since every game stores data differently. There are specific ones in the tools section for things like the final fantasy series.

If you want a "general" editor, cheat engine will allow you to make codes for games.

(edit) It'd also likely be easier to manually edit a savestate or use cheat engine instead of trying to make a general program to edit saves. This is because saved data is often compressed which can make editing harder.
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all i want is to alter my character levels in Disgaea HOD call me whatever but leveling my guys takes too long

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