Save file deleted...very pissed! HELP ME OUT!
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So I got to the 2nd vexen fight of Kingdom hearts RE: CoM, which I've been working on for the past 15-17hours now. This morning, I was trying again for the no telling how many times to beat vexen for the final bout, and I moved back in my chair to get comfortable unknowing my keyboard was behind me, I sat on it. And well not only did it close out the game it erased my file. I've tried recuva and system restore both of these did not work. I really want to finish the game, but do not want to start over am I at a total loss?

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That sounds very unlucky.
Is it every thing you had saved or just the one game?
If you have deleted the whole memory card file you should be able to retrieve it using one of the many data recovery tools available for windows.
If it is just the one save I have a feeling you could be out of luck.
Someone much more knowledgeable than me will post soon I am sure.

I know it may not help a lot now but you could back up saves with mymc in the future.
Sorry to hear how frustrated you are.
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hmmm.... an intresting problem, to be sure. well I have a save that is after that battle pretty much just started as riku, and am working on beating it again as I unknowingly overwrote my save file when the transition happened so i feel ya. feel free to pm me if you just want to start as riku, and i shall be sure to let you know when i get up there on proud mode. N657
You should check the date of the threads you reply's been almost 9 months since that post he probably started the game all over and beat it already by now Tongue
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crap, really? darn. don't I feel like a fool lol. im not used to posting in threads using the search feature, i guess i will just have to keep that in mind when i use the search. by the way, that makes me curious as to why there even ARE 9 month old threads on this forum? do you guys have like 10 TB at your disposal or something? nice avatar BTW
It's all stored in a database, nothing that takes huge space. We actually have threads more than 1,5 year old too Wink
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(03-26-2010, 11:42 PM)Bositman Wrote: It's all stored in a database, nothing that takes huge space. We actually have threads more than 1,5 year old too Wink

holy ************ i have NEVER had the pleasure of seeing a "forums" that have threads 1 and a half YEARS old, that's amazing lol with that knowledge I shall defantly check the date on the post before posting myself

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