Save file transfer?
I imported my PS2 save files using memor32 but they are in a folder rather than CBS format. Don't know if they're usable in this state but I tried running MYMC and it gives me this error message "MSVCR71.DLL is missing" and I put that dll in my system32 folder, still error messages.

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Don't download dll files directly!
Delete the file and install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.

Forget that, just look here for a zip file containing the missing files, copy MSVCP71.dll and MSVCR71.dll into the directory witch contains the mymc.exe and it should work.
thanks that worked. I guess I'm still confused because I tried to import my saves with MYMC (max format). It says "Save file already present" I even tried the other memory card, same thing.
Then you already have a Save File of that particular slot on the card. Otherwise you shouldn't be getting that error.
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i don't understand, how do i fix something like that? i tried grandia xtreme, atelier iris 3, gta san andreas, and castlevania. it won't let me add anything at all, and all it has is x-men legends 2 and ar tonelico 2. but i tried the second memory card which has no games at all on it, i still get the same error. i looked it up some more and it says something about transferring from ulauncherelf and exporting it properly but maybe i'm doing it wrong.

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