Save folder not working for KOF Maximum Impact 2 [SLPS-25609]
Save folder functionality is not working for KOF Maximum Impact 2 (Shokai Seisanban) [SLPS-25609] (NTSC-J). This pertains to the current nightly build, v1.7.3136.

There are two editions of this game, [SLPS-25609] being the Shokai Seisanban edition (I believe it came with a bonus disc), and [SLPS-25638] being the regular edition.

PCSX2 detects the Shokai Seisanban edition [SLPS-25609] as the regular edition [SLPS-25638] and creates a save folder according to that serial, which cannot be loaded by the Shokai Seisanban edition. It prompts to create a new save file upon every boot.

In this case, the save folder it creates is called "BISLPS-25638SYS". This save folder does however work normally with the regular edition [SLPS-25638].

So I'm not sure if the PS2 itself used the same save file for both editions of the game, and there's some sort of issue there, or if PCSX2 is failing to create a separate save folder for the Shokai Seisanban edition, with its different serial.

Nonetheless, I think this may be a bug so I'm posting my findings here. Thanks PCSX2 team.

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