Save imported from PS2 not recognized by game
Hello o/

The game in question is Kingdom Hearts 2.
I was playing it on my softmoded PS2 until i got to the 1st space level thing, at which point i found out that it's impossible to play the game from a HDD, so i decided to try and play it through PCSX2. I was hoping to transfer my save files by copying them as psu files to a USB drive and then importing them through myMc, and i managed that much, as the save files are visible in the browser when i start in no disc mode. The issue is that when i launch the game, it does not see the save game on my memory card, just a bunch of (no save) slots.
I'm using the same ISO file on both my PS2 and in PCSX2, so that shouldn't be the issue.

EDIT 1: I also tried making a fresh memory card, same result.

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I cleared KH2 couple of times on my ps2hdd while using Open PS2 Loader.
From your post I understand that you are not new to all that but just to be sure

Can you post your save and the pcsx2 emulog when you start the game and reach the memory cards screen
Emulog, memcard and the original save file: (can't seem to get attachments to upload).

I'm using Open PS2 loader as well, but i just get an eternal black screen whenever launching any of the gummi ship levels :/
I don't now which version of OPL you are using but the fix exist since long time ago
{"SLES_541.14", ALL_MODE, {PATCH_GENERIC_SLOW_READS, 0x00100000, 0x001ac60c}}, // Kingdom Hearts 2 UK
which is part of OPL so you don't need to do anything extra

You log almost nothing,not even the main executable file which makes it almost useless
I said almost for a reason...recreate your image again from the disk and try again but it is possible that it will not fix the problem on your PS2HDD with OPL because the game also may save something that can make your save file useless even if you try clean image

I can't tell you what's wrong with your save because information is missing from your log(you have saves for the PAL and the NTSC version of the game in the card)

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