Save settings for different games?
I wonder if it's possible to save different settings for different games?

It would be very nice indeed to have pcsx2 remember User settings for different games, and apply them automatically when a game is loaded.

It gets a little tiring having to remember and change the settings to play different games. . .

At the moment the only way I can see of backing up different settings is by manually copying the pcsx2 settings folder in Windows. . . far from ideal.

Thanks, really enjoying some classic games I never really played !

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I think this is what you're looking for, however I don't know how well it works with the latest version of PCSX2.

you can also use , you can download cover pictures for your ISOs, when adding an ISO file (or DVD) a profile will be created and a suitable cover picture will be aligned to that ISO file (or DVD). You can also setup your own config for every game; right click on that profile and choose "config save start" , the PCSX2 will start, assign the ISO or DVD, adjust video and emulation settings and lilypad config (in case you are using), you can also assign an exclusive Memory card for every game (a managing tool is included), start the game , when ending the PCSX2 emulator you will be asked if you want to save config, accept it, when starting the game via managing tool next time, use the "normal start" option, PCSX2 emulator starts with all assigned settings.....

One thing which makes me a litte bit dissapointed about that tool, when changing the path to PCSX2 tool or using a newer SVN version the settings will be lost, I currently investigate if its possible to export and re import the saved settings......

give it a shot it`s worth to take a look on that really nice tool

Thanks for your responses, those should do it, would be nice to see this integrated in a future version of PCSX2.

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