Save state causing analog stick issues?
I notice that when I use savestates instead of memcard saves, sometimes when I reload from the savestate the emulator will behave as though the left analog stick is held in a direction.

For example, in Tales of the Abyss right now, at times save state loading will lead to my character running to the top left of screen, or bottom left on pad 2 in combat (playing co-op currently).

Anyone know the cause of this, and if it can be fixed? So far the only thing I've found to fix it is to restart the emulator with a full boot and reload an older memcard save.

I remember running into this issue in older version of the emulator, but usually reloading the savestate a few times fixed it. Now it seems to be a permanent issue of that save if it occurs. It's happening on 0.9.8 official, and with SVN r4866 (only one's I'm using currently).
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never experienced it personally.
Usually happens when you don't wait enough of the game to be initialized before loading a state, if you're getting while already running the game and don't wait enough between a save and a load it could do the same I guess.
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