Save state/memcard issue
Hi guys,

I just transferred everything to a new computer, and when I did so, my memory card file and save states for one of my games (Suikoden V) appears to have broken - when I load the game either through the memory card or the save state, the audio starts but the graphics do not load (black screen). Starting a new game appears to work fine, and save states for other games do not seem to have been affected.

Any ideas what happened, or how I might be able to fix it?


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Did you change revisions of PCSX2? Save states are not compatible between revisions.
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No, used the most recent (1.2.1) on both the older machine and the new one, and the save states for other games seem to be working fine. I hadn't gotten all that far, so not a huge deal, just vaguely annoying - thanks for the response, anyway! Much appreciated Smile

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