Save states loading from wrong game..
This is a very strange bug.. i've tried searching the fourms as well as google for an answer but no luck. I am using the latest version of pcsx2 beta with all the plugins that come with it.

Here is my problem.. now I am currently playing Persona 3 and obtained persona 4.. I selected the iso for persona 4 and was playing for about an hour, making save states as I went along. They were loading fine, saved fine and are still in the folder. When I reopened it.. and the persona 4 iso was selected AND ran pcsx2 began loading my persona 3 states.. not sure how or why its doing this but it is. Anyone have a solution to my problem?

Also.. I decided to try out a few different roms and they all load the persona 3 states now..


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You can't load a state of a different game and make it probably are changing ISOs via the ISO selector and have set CDVD to plugin or vice versa.
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But I am in game persona 4, playing the game and when I select a state to load it takes me to wherever i am in persona 3 and soon after crashes when i try to change areas or such.. I have the iso set and everything, its set to ISO and not to run from my mounted drive.
exited the program a few times, after opening and closing it several times without changing anything the states are now loading properly... I know I probably sound retarded but I hope this doesn't happen again.

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