Save with a real memory card?
I guess this probably sounds crazy but I was just wondering if its possible to use the PS3 memory card adapter with PCSX2 somehow?

I'm asking this because I like to use codebreaker codes through patches on PCSX2 then save my game, then put the save data on my PS3.

Before I was able to get someone to convert my PCSX2 save data to PSV but thats not the case anymore.

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use mymc to transfer your saves to the ps3 thingy from the pcsx2 mem cards
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Yeah I've already done that before. Off the top of my head mymc converts PCSX2 save data to either PSU or MAX. The problem is the PS3 only recognizes PSU if its comes directly from a ps2 memory card, it won't recognize it off a flash drive.

The PS3 does however recognize PSV save data from flash drives.

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