SaveState & Memcard issues w/ 0.9.7

searched the forum a bit Ninja but didn´t find an answer to my savestate problem:

well - i can´t use my old ones with 0.9.7! They´ve been created with pcsx2 (r18..) and work fine, but when I copy them into the sstate folder of the latest pcsx2 I just get an error message whenever I try to load one (see below).Creating new ones is working fine, though. I checked the config & the ini and the path is correct.

And there´s another problem: 0.9.7 won´t recognize / list my old memcards. Is it because I changed their filename (e.g. my "Ico" memcard is called ico.ps2 ...)? Only the two original memcards are found. I don´t know if it´s a bug or the new pscx2 version just doesn´t support changed filenames (that be a pity Sad)

I´m running pcsx2 on WinXP 64Bit (= the troublemaker).


PS: Still, the new release is great, finally "CoD:World at war" and "Asterix XXL" are working (for me).


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First, save states from older versions are not compatible with 0.9.7 so that is perfectly normal.

As you guessed yeah 0.9.7 does not support changed memcard filenames. You can hack it by changing pcsx2.ini and modifying the memcard filenames there though. It's one of the reasons the release was marked beta, not everything is complete yet
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(08-23-2010, 09:55 AM)Bositman Wrote: ... not everything is complete yet

well, I can live with changing the memcard name for the time being, but I cross my fingers later versions will again support changed filenames. Rolleyes

Thanks for the prompt answer!

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