Saved Games after reformatting?
Hi guys, is it possible to continue my game after reformatting my pc? I installed PCSX2 in my external HDD but when i run it in other pc, my saved game is gone though the memcard folder is the same. I just ran it in other pc? So im afraid if i reformat my pc i'l lose my memcard saves.

So what is the right way and how to save my memcards i think copy paste wont do.

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Open notepad and directly go to File=>Save as
On Save as Type choose all files and for a name type portable.ini
Move that file into the pcsx2 directory and from now on,pcsx2 will load and use the cards that are in the memcards folder inside the pcsx2 folder.

If you don't have that file into pcsx2 folder already,check in your pc in the My Documents folder for the cards.
Copy them to the memcards folder in the pcsx2 folder and place the portable.ini file into pcsx2 folder
Yes! See PCSX2 creates memcards folder that does not mean that the memcards are original. (what you played). the memcards are fresh and new. Tongue2

You can copy and keep the memcards in a partiton which is not going to be formatted.
Are you sure that the memcards are in the pcsx2 folder not in my documents/pcsx2.
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Oh, my memcard folder is in the My Documents so what to do is copy the memcard folder to the pcsx2 directory? Then copy the portable.ini to pcsx2 too? Or should i copy all folders in my documents to my pcsx2 dir? Thanks!

I got confused sorry

Here's what inside my external HDD

The folder PCSX@ 0.9.7
The pcsx2 shortucts and some .dlls

And in My Documents there is the folder of PCSX2 which contains

what should i do?
Optional: Update your PCSX2 to version 1.0.0
PCSX2 0.9.7 is too old,there is 1.0.0 already.
As I said,copy\move the portable.ini file in the pcsx2 folder on the external hdd and also copy\move the memory cards from My Documents(from the PC on which you are loading your card with working saves)to the memcards folder in the pcsx2 folder in external hdd.

The only problem that you may(maybe)have is that you have to reconfigure all you pcsx2 and plugins settings(or maybe not if you copy the ini files inside the inis folder to the inis folder in the pcsx2 folder)

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