Saved PCSX2 replay corrupting upon playing on regular PS2??
this is kinda weird, but oh well...

i've tried to play a couple of sports games (ssxtricky, pes2009, gt4) where it lets one save replays of a run/lap. sure. that works brilliant. i can view the replays correctly even if i've been using save/load state. the replay doesn't show that. the replay works brilliant when i watch it in-game on PCSX2, but when i transfer the replay-save to my original PS2 memory card (i've read all the instructions on how to do so etc.), load up the game on my PS2, it loads the game and the option file on my memory card, i load the replay, it loads smoothly, but when i start to view the replay in action, it's corrupted! it doesn't give me any errors or somewhat, but it simply isn't the same replay as the one i watched on PCSX2! it's all messed up! the replay works like it should for the first few seconds of the race/track/lap, but then it starts to do things that i cannot even explain the cause of... like in ssxtricky, when i load the replay on my PS2, i can start watching the replay, but then all of a sudden, the rider takes a whole new direction or somewhat and then fails to jump etc. so yeah, the replay gets completely screwed up. however, the times and scores that i did on PCSX2 are all in place and working like a charm. it's just the replay that doesn't play properly on my PS2.

i've checked the following things to be sure i've done things correctly:
- checked if the savegames + replay are both PAL, and yes they are
- tried to format my PS2 memory card and add the replay + option file, no effect
- i've tried mix and match with NTSC and PAL savegames AND the game itself, and obviously that didn't work
- i've checked if the settings on PCSX2 were correct (region was set to PAL etc.), no effect
- i've even tried 3 different PS2 memory cards (one of them was even a NTSC mem. card)

so yeah, i am pretty much confused on why the replay is not working like it should. all the graphic details and everything else is working like it should, but when i hit "play replay", it works fine for the first few seconds, then it starts to drive off-road, do weird jump, crash into the walls etc. and the weird thing is that whenever i SKIP to the NEXT scene/part of the track/lap/stage, it runs properly for a few more seconds and then it starts going nuts again!

i can only see two causes to this... 1) it got something to do with the PCSX2 fps not matching original PS2's fps..? or 2) the save/load state part. whenever i save a state, drive around, screw up, then load state, drive to a certain spot, save state again, drive on and so on, and then when i finally reach the goal, i then save the replay through the in-game option that lets me save the replay. perhaps it is then when the replay-save gets screwed up..?? but how come that the replay isn't corrupting at all when i watch it on PCSX2..?? i can even shut down the PCSX2, start it again and watch the replay without any probs... but as soon as i convert the replay to the PS2 memory card, the replay is screwed up.

EDIT: come to think of it... perhaps it got something to do with the fact that PCSX2 savegames can only be converted to .psu and .max (max drive) formats... what i did, was that i converted the PCSX2 savegame + replay-save file to .max and then used a tool to convert the .max to .xps (there's a converting tool that lets one convert max drive files to x-port files and vise versa)... perhaps THAT got something to do with it....?? too much converting, maybe?? and yes, the converting program has worked for many many games before, but not for replays...somehow.
so pretty much stuck with this...

any clues, anyone??

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Does the replay really start doing odd stuff with no explanations, or does it seem to be just doing things a bit slower or faster than usual and as time accumulates, the character takes a turn or a jump too early or too late and the rest is odd stuff?
(02-15-2009, 08:41 AM)Nneeve Wrote: Does the replay really start doing odd stuff with no explanations, or does it seem to be just doing things a bit slower or faster than usual and as time accumulates, the character takes a turn or a jump too early or too late and the rest is odd stuff?

yeah, the bolded part seems to match my replay, but it goes simply mental. the first 2-3 jumps and tricks goes very well. timed properly and all, but after that, the driver just goes mental and starts off-roading, jumping like 5 meters before the actual jump, sometimes not even jump at all, screw around, resetting characters position on free will, crash onto walls, take different routes and stuff like that. there's no other speed changes though. the speed is like it should be.
You don't have any of the speedhacks on when recording the replays, do you?
hmm... yeah, i do have speedhacks on when it records the replay. i must have speedhacks on when i play, otherwise it goes too slowly. but....i am not sure what would happen if i turn off the speedhacks before i let the game make the replay.... hmm... should i try that, huh?
Yeah, try making a replay with all speedhacks off. (don't just turn 'em off for the press of the button that saves/"makes" the replay - have them off for the whole session whose replay you'd like to record)
hmm... the thing is that i can only make the game record/make a replay when i reach the finish. once i reach the finish, i can view the replay and then save the replay. should i turn off the speedhacks before i start the replay and let the speedhacks be turned off while the replay runs, that what you mean? that i can try, yes..
Not only speedhacks, but all slight differences we have on pcsx2 vs the real console are a problem.
Every slight rounding difference on a VU or the FPU can screw this up (and we have lots of those Tongue2 ).
Timing is even worse, some moves will happen too fast/slow and on the real console they confuse the game..
so.... it's basically not possible for me to record the replay properly and view it properly on my PS2, or..?

what sort of things should i turn off then? any specific details?
Well it depends on how sensitive the games are. Maybe just turning off the speedhacks will provide perfect synchronization, maybe desyncs will still happen (but more rarely?) and not much will be possible to do about it except wait for more accurate emulation.
I'm not quite sure how the game goes and what terminology to use, but you should turn off the speedhacks before playing the game, not just before viewing or saving the replay.

EDIT : by the way, Denormals are Zero is not a speedhack and can be left on (gives huge speedboosts for some games).

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