Savegame for God of War 1 needed
Hello, i finished the game till a savepoint in the level "Challenge of the poseidon" on the memcards, but then in the cutscene where some warriors are in the cages the game got an error and now the game says that i haven't any gow savegames on the memorycard. Could somebody please help me out. Sad

Thanks in advantage,
Yours Zitze16

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have you tried ?
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(04-26-2009, 02:42 PM)coud Wrote: have you tried ?
i don't know how to use them. Blush
If you want to do it by a simple way. To gamefaq and down *.max file. And then find a soft that is some kind of memory card manager (just google it). Using that soft to import the *.max file to your memory card file (*.ps2) ...

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